NDTV’s money laundering scam of over Rs. 5,500 crores

S.K. Srivastava, 1987 batch IRS officer is fighting more than 100 cases before Civil & Criminal courts right up to the Supreme Court of India. These cases have been set up by NDTV, P. Chidambaram and a host of corrupt IRS officers to break his resolve. P. Chidambaram has also given him 4 charge-sheets and even unlawfully suspended him twice. He was kept under illegal suspension for more than 3 years all because he tried to protect the tax-payers money!

So scared are NDTV, P. Chidambaram and corrupt IRS officers that they obtained a mischievous medical report from a private hospital, VIMHANS, Delhi that Srivastava is suffering from a mental disorder. This medical report was later withdrawn by VIMHANS at the mere hint of an inquiry by the Medical Council of India (MCI)! (Download MCI inquiry report)

S.K. Gupta, Advocate, Supreme Court of India (Mobile: 9811211218) and H.P. Singh, Criminal Lawyer, Delhi High Court (Mobile: 9971596703) are dedicated lawyers who have time and again refused inducements and enticements offered by NDTV, P. Chidambaram and a host of corrupt IRS officers and have defended and protected Srivastava pro-bono.

Nonetheless, prominent citizens of the country including legal luminaries like Sri Ram Jethmalani has noticed the hard-work of S.K. Srivastava and has started supporting him against the evil forces of NDTV, P. Chidambaram and corrupt IRS officers. Sri Jethmalani appeared on behalf of S.K. Srivastava recently before the Delhi High Court in a totally mischievous case fabricated by NDTV, P. Chidambaram and corrupt IRS officers! (Download Ram Jethmalani's letter to P. Chidambaram) / (Download P. Chidambaram’s reply to Ram Jethmalani, and Ram Jethmalani's reply to P. Chidambaram thereafter)

Compare this with the response of AAP founder member and Supreme Court Advocate Prashant Bhushan who was requested repeatedly by S.K. Srivastava since December 2011 to take up his cases. Mr. Bhushan was of the opinion that a PIL needs to be filed against NDTV, P. Chidambaram and corrupt IRS officers and assured to do the needful but mysteriously kept avoiding appearing for Srivastava. Why? At whose instance and for what consideration?


NDTV’s money laundering Scam of over Rs. 5,500 crores is story straight out of a crime thriller novel involving sex-capades, elaborate financial scheming, Governmental patronage at the highest level and persecution of an upright Officer.

India is still surviving because of the grit of such officers and their honest lawyers such as Sri S.K. Gupta and Sri H.P. Singh, at a time when the media, bureaucracy and legal profession seem a complete sell out.

S.K Srivastava, IRS Officer has faced the ire of none other than the incumbent Finance Minister P. Chidambaram, who in his stints as Finance and Home Minister did everything possible to make life miserable for this unflinching man. Srivastava is suing for illegal harassment and obstruction of justice, in a matter directly patronized by the incumbent Finance Minister.

When Srivastava could not be coaxed or threatened into submission by NDTV and its cronies in the Income Tax department from exposing the huge scam, he was repeatedly kept under suspension from employment by P. Chidambaram on illegal and falsified claims of rape/molestation, in spite of quashing of such Orders. This, in stark contradiction to the fact that the previous finance Minister had allowed the investigations to go on!

Finance Minister P. Chidambaram used his powers to keep Srivastava from investigating the illegal acts of NDTV and its directors. Further, as Home Minister he did not allow CBI to cooperate in 2G scam investigations regarding money laundering by NDTV as requested by Srivastava before the court of CBI Special Judge Saini.

Srivastava in his submission in the 2 G scam case alleges that NDTV has laundered a huge chunk of this money for dirty politicians. Why is P. Chidambaram involved in this case in such a dubious manner?

Why isn’t P. Chidambaram suspending the 2 women and officers of the Income Tax department who refuse to file clarifications in the rape/molestation case against this upright officer? Why is Srivastava being kept away from work by P. Chidambaram?

When the economy of the country is going down the hill, P. Chidambaram is busy studying the leave records of Srivastava and persuading Chief Commissioner of Ranchi not to grant leave to Srivastava or to allow him to come to Delhi.

When the Finance Minister, P. Chidambaram, spends hours on Srivastava at such a time of economic crisis, one shudders what is more important for the Congress Party, Srivastava or the economy of the country!


1. The Accusation of S.K Srivastava - That P. Chidambaram received Rs. 5,500 crores bribe NDTV laundered it on behalf of P. Chidambaram through dummy companies and no inquiry allowed in the matter by P. Chidambaram.

2. The Accusation of P. Chidambaram - That S.K Srivastava is in-disciplined and should be removed from government service. CBDT under P. Chidambaram tells Delhi High Court "performance ... has not been satisfactory" and "the department ... are not satisfied with the manner of his work"

- Lies of CBDT under P. Chidambaram before Delhi High Court (Download)
- Legal notice sent by S.K Srivastava's lawyer to S.K. Sen, IRS, Former Chief Commissioner of Income Tax, Ranchi (Download)
- S.K. Sen's reply to CBDT contradicting governments stand in the Delhi High Court (Download)

3. The Case of NDTV - That No one can prevent them from doing what they did by being the money laundering agent of none other than P. Chidambaram, therefore how dare any IRS officer ask them any uncomfortable questions.

4. The Case of Abhisar Sharma’s wife Sumana Sen (IRS 99005) and Ashima Neb (IRS 99010) - That they have been sexually harassed by S.K Srivastava, interestingly by reporting about their corruption and they receiving bribe and illegal gratification from NDTV to cover up the misdeeds of P. Chidambaram. (Download report vindicating S.K. Srivastava on sexual harassment charges)


Why do NDTV, its Directors and Prannoy Roy, who already have cases of illegality filed against them of dubious nature, continue to enjoy the Congress Party Patronage, especially that of P. Chidambaram?


1. NDTV allegedly laundered Rs.5,500/- crores by raising funds through “private placements”, from undisclosed investors in NDTV subsidiaries based in UK and Holland.

2. The sums raised by it through dubious investors not only paid off its Rs. 3,500 crores liability but left an amount in excess of Rs. 2000 crores to be transferred to another account.

3. These funds were transferred to a Mauritius based NDTV subsidiary.

4. These funds were then routed to several other NDTV subsidiaries in India.

5. These Indian subsidiaries were later merged with NDTV Ltd., India without giving a fair share holding right to the companies of Mauritius or UK or Holland.

6. Shockingly, both, the UK and Holland based NDTV subsidiaries, were closed down and so was the Mauritius company!

7. Why would investors in UK and Holland allow such actions if this were not a plain money laundering scheme?

8. At present dollar values, with penalties and interest payable to Revenue the scam exceeds Rs. 5,500 crores.

9. Shockingly none of the UK and Holland based subsidiaries of NDTV appeared in the annual reports filed that year by NDTV India and subsequently no critical details were provided to the relevant Ministry when special intimation was filed before it for condoning the lapse. None was asked for either!

This money “is” illegal it is alleged, not just hidden business profits. It is money transferred out of the country, received as bribe by Ministers, Politicians or Public Servants or just one unknown politician through the same Hawala/Jamakharch transactions that terrorists use!


NDTV showed false exports under section 80HHF of Income Tax ACT, as alleged in the court submission of Srivastava. This act defrauded the Revenue of at least Rs. 300 crores at present value.

NDTV claimed illegal deductions without making any actual exports and by bringing in Indian Rupees instead of foreign exchange as stipulated in supporting judgements!

However, this deduction was allowed by one female Income Tax officer Sumana Sen (IRS 99005) who claimed to have been raped/molested by Srivastava and whose spouse Abhisar Sharma was an employee of NDTV, a fact that she had concealed all through her employment.

This woman admittedly took free European holidays, worth Rs. 1 Crore, from NDTV and filed false reports about her involvement with them in official capacity; she claimed eligibility to accept this gift with her department and did not report to the Revenue Dept. that her husband was employed by NDTV!

It is notable that her allegations against Srivastava were quashed yet P. Chidambaram continues to harass him and has set-up another illegal inquiry that has been stayed by Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) and P. Chidambaram though named in the same has not had the courage to file a reply.


The female assessing officer Sumana Sen (IRS 99005), in the same Assessment year, allowed tax refund of Rs. 1.46 Crores to NDTV instead of implicating it in the above scams! She handed the cheque to NDTV through her husband Abhisar Sharma, then an NDTV employee (a direct conflict of interest, not statutorily disclosed by her, therefore illegal) in gross violation of the rules of refunding dues! The refund was not admissible and she passed illegal orders to illegally pay money to NDTV from Government accounts!


No one knows about Srivastava’s heroic character. No one speaks of the horrific deeds of P. Chidambaram against this honest officer. No one speaks of NDTV and its sham as a media house or of the cancellation of its Broadcasting License.

Worse, the investigations are in cold storage as no one is hunting down the unnamed and disinterested investors in NDTV UK and Holland that invested money in a shell company run from a table drawer; A company that had no employees, no capital worth talking about and are not bothered about the fact that their money, is totally lost, with the closure of NDTV’s British, Dutch and Mauritian subsidiaries!

As a silver lining, in March 2013, a notice was sent by some other brave officer to NDTV under section 148 for un-assessed income of Rs 2003 crores. Hopefully India will continue to remain the nation of the brave; that the good will not hesitate to fight the evil.

Another honest and upright Commissioner of Income Tax has withstood threats and harassment by P. Chidambaram to bring to tax about Rs.642 crores of stolen money by NDTV for Accounting Year 2009/10.


1. Alleged receipt of bribe by Sri P. Chidambaram, Minister of Finance, Govt. of India in 2G Scam, kept parked with M/s NDTV Ltd. - Letter written by Sri P.C Srivastava, Advocate, Supreme Court of India to Sri P.C. Chacko, Hon’able M.P. (Lok Sabha) & Chairman, Joint Parliamentary Committee on 2G Scam (Download 313 page letter along with annexures / evidence)

2. Theft of Public revenue & Public money exceeding Rs. 10,000/- Crores - collusion of Sri P. Chidambaram, Hon’able Finance Minister - Letter written by Cpt. Jainarayan Prasad Nishad, Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha) to Dr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India (Download 33 page letter along with annexures / evidence)

3. Approval u/s 151(1) of the I.T. Act, 1961 for issue of notice u/s 148 in the case of M/s New Delhi Television Ltd. (NDTV) for A.Y. 2006-07 & 2007-08 - Quantum of Income which has escaped assessment: Rs. 2003 crores approx (Download IT Notice)

4. Order u/143(3) read with section 144 C of the I.T. Act - Income from undisclosed sources: Rs. 642.54 crores for A.Y. 2009-10 (Download IT Order)

5. Request for appointment to place before Hon’ble Speaker evidence of involvement of Sri P. Chidambaram, incumbent Finance Minister in 2G Scam and his having caused and facilitated laundering of bribe and illegal gratification received by Public servants in 2G Scam, evasion of tax and payment of bribe to IRS officers by M/s NDTV Ltd. - reg. - Letter written by Harihar Pratap Singh, Advocate to Smt. Meera Mumar, M.P., Hon’ble Speaker, Lok Sabha (Download letter)

6. Concealment of income and evasion of tax by Ms. Ashima Neb (IRS 99010), Addl. DIT (HRD) on income from bribe and illegal gratification and business under Immoral Traffics (Prevention) Act, 1961 being organized “prostitution racket” of IRS officers - Letter written by Cpt. Jainarayan Prasad Nishad, Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha) to Ms. Deepa Kishan, IRS, Member (Revenue), CBDT (Download 115 page letter along with annexures / evidence)

7. NDTV Networks PLC (United Kingdom) - List of Directors & Shareholders (Download)

8. Sample ACR for the Year 2006-2007 when Srivastava was placed under suspension by Sri P. Chidambaram says Srivastava is outstanding in every single column! (Download)

9. Report vindicating S.K. Srivastava on sexual harassment charges (Download)

10. Theft of NDTV former employee Abhisar Sharma's Income Tax case file - Chief Commissioner of Income Tax issues letter (Download)

11. Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) requests S.K. Srivastava for materials to prosecute P. Chidambaram (Download)

12. S.K. Srivastava’s official letter to Prime Minister for action against P. Chidambaram (Download)

13. Enforcement Directorate (ED) finds money laundering by Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO) P.K. Mishra (IRS 70017) but can’t investigate. P.K. Mishra is hand-picked by P. Chidambaram and assigned with the job of scuttling the NDTV money laundering scam (Download)

14. Evidence of money laundering by Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO) P.K. Mishra (IRS 70017) submitted to Enforcement Directorate (Download)

15. Zee News disowns Abhisar Sharma, its former employee (Download)

16. Serious Fraud Investigation Office (SFIO) says it only takes up investigation of cases referred to it by Ministry of Corporate Affairs (Download)

17. Income Tax department accepts the witness of S.K. Srivastava in the NDTV / P. Chidambaram money laundering case (Download)

18. NDTV to be taxed on Rs 897.27 crores of unassessed income - IT Department (Download)

19. Rs. 43.3 lacs undisclosed expense / income by NDTV's ex-employee Abhisar Sharma laid bare by Income Tax Department (Download)

20. Ministry of Information & Broadcasting transfers complaint / investigation against NDTV to News Broadcasters Association which has NDTV’s Vice Chairperson on their board! (Download)

21. NDTV's income from sham transactions pegged at Rs. 903 crores by IT Department in its order for year 2009-10 dated 21.02.2014 (Download)

22. IT Department declares Rs. 1.46 crore refund to NDTV as unlawful (Download)

23. IT Dept. files police complaint against NDTV's ex-employee Abhisar Sharma & 2 serving IT officers for threatening its officials (Download)

24. Over Rs. 539 crores in taxes due from NDTV, Prannoy Roy & Radhika Roy: Income Tax Department (Download)

25. NDTV shareholder announces NDTV money laundering scam in a notice published in Economic Times (Download)


1. Delhi High Court order states S.K. Srivastava's communications should not be given cognizance (Download)

2. “No significant psychopathology currently” says All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), prescribes Walk, Pranayam & Yoga (Download)

3. “No thought and perceptual abnormality elicited during MSE” say Hindu Rao Hospital, Municipal Corporation of Delhi, report says OK (Download)

4. Complete Neuropsychological Assessment by Institute of Human Behaviour & Allied Sciences (IHBAS) done and no abnormality reported, report says OK (Download)

5. “Non Psychotic Anxiety Disorder” says Safdarjung Hospital, Government of India (Download)

6. “Does not suffer from any ‘Psychotic disorder’. He is also not suffering from any ‘Bipolar manic disorder’ or any other mental disease” - Extract from the proceedings held at Medical Council of India (MCI) and report dt. 26.02.2013 recalled and clarified by the doctors of VIMHANS stating that Delhi High Court has misunderstood and misinterpreted their report and to avoid confusion report was recalled (Download)

7. Complaint over manipulation and tampering of judicial records - reg. - Complaint by S.K. Srivastava to The Registrar General, High Court of Delhi (Download complaint along with annexures / evidence)


IBN7 the only ‘different’ channel attempted to spread awareness about the money laundering scam on 4th June, 2009 by running a news item under ‘Danke Ki Chot Par’ titled ‘10000 Crore Ke Lootere’. This was silenced within minutes of the first telecast and the story was completely removed and discarded. What transpired and conspired to stop the story, who benefited and who bore the cost? (Watch IBN7 story)

Times Now also covered the story regarding ‘offer of bribe and women’ by B.K. Jha, (IRS 1983 batch) to S.K. Srivastava’s advocate S.K. Gupta to loose Srivastavas cases. This story was dropped after run down; at whose behest, for whose benefit?

Satish K. Singh of Zee News was to begin all out coverage of the attempted bribe which was just like 'Rail-gate' but mysteriously went cold all of a sudden. Under whose influence, for whose benefit?


Sex, lies and corruption reported by 'brave' Mid Day and not denied by anyone! (Download)


Video courtesy Manushi: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIEHcitqivk


Prannoy Roy's email to Gurumurthy (Download)
Gurumurthy's reply to Prannoy Roy's email (Download)


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S.K. Srivastava has filed a complaint before Sivaganga Lok Sabha constituency Returning Officer accusing Karti Chidambaram, Congress Sivaganga candidate, of concealing information about his wealth in his election affidavit. (Download Complaint)

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- Press Conference Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l14Smolyx08


1. Case of sanction of prosecution of P. Chidambaram shall be closed by the government.

2. NDTV shall escape inquiry in money-laundering and tax evasion.

3. Abhisar Sharma’s wife Sumana Sen (IRS 99005) and Ashima Neb (IRS 99010) shall escape vigilance inquiry.

4. Abhisar Sharma shall escape prosecution under Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988.

5. A host of corrupt IRS officers shall escape inquiry.